Our work includes review of regulatory returns by water companies to the economic regulator in our capacity as Ofwat ‘reporter’ and work to develop the regulatory framework in Scotland, as well as England & Wales.

SMC employs consultants with experience in water companies gained in operations, managing capital investment and the interaction between the companies, the economic regulator and the standard setters.

SMC’s aim is to meet or exceed its customer expectations, by producing work that is consistently of the highest quality: innovative, planned, well presented and in accordance with the terms of reference provided by the client.

The SMC portfolio has been built up from a range of projects on the back of regulatory and reporting experience.  SMC has successfully won work against strong and established companies competing on the quality and consistency of our work and the benefits of working in small committed teams.

We have won work through proactive promotion as well as relying on unsolicited work from clients who are aware of our reputation.

SMC’s quality management system has been certified as compliant with ISO 9001:2008.